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Range on conductive teleport pipes ?


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I've been looking in different wiki's and on the board but cant find an anwser so i registered in hope somebody here knows.

Is there a maximum range on the confuctive teleport pipes. We cant seem to get them working on my private server. A friend of me was gonna connect some of his powerplant combustion engines to the quary i was running in the middle of the ocean. Because we were a fair distance apart we decided that conductive teleportation pipes would be best. He connected those with the usual setup to his engines (wooden pipe, golden pipe, teleportation pipe (all conductive) and he placed the teleportation pipe at my quary, right next to it, no other pipes between it. Set the frequency, turned the quary pipe on recive, but no power was transmited. We tried it with both of us at the locations and chunck loader blocks, but we just couldn't get it to power the quary.

They work in close prosimity tho, cause he is using the same setup to power his pumps for the combustion engines.

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Not sure I've ever used them to go past 500 blocks or so. Is there a gap in your chunk loader blocks? I thought I read that the boundries need to be touching. If not, the items would be passing through dead space?

Perhaps that could be the problem. I'm no expert though...

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Unfortunately conductive teleport pipe lose a fair amount of energy with distance. I am currently trying to modify this somehow but i think its hardcoded in the mod and editing will be hard. My situation:

At spawn i have major power plant with lots of solar arrays (HV, MV) - this is connected through MFSU's and so on. Then i lead it to 15 energy links and this BC power goes directly to one transport pipe. Gold pipes are +- 50% full. Also noting that chunkloaders are on ALL sides of

+- 800meters from spawn i have retranslation station which was suposed to split power from power plant to few other players on my server. When i connected first two wireless pipes i noticed that only small (5%?) amount of energy is getting through. And my friend which was suposed to recieve this power 400meters further did not get anything. So power loss is somewhat similar to power loss i would get when using real conductive pipes.

I am currently trying to modify it somehow if i am sucessful i will post "fix" here.


It is probably distance related.

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Experienced the same problems. I investigated and found this note:

"20 March 2012 Update:


Conductive Teleport Pipes are now Lossless (They don't "loose" power anymore)"

here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/856360-123bc2213-bc314rev201rev301-buildcraft-teleport-pipes/

google showed me this on the search page on the vary same link above, but i could not find it on the actual site, and not in the cache, here is the "preview-fragment":

"[..]Configuration variable added to config file for Conductive Teleport Pipe Loss. The default is 0.995 percent per block distance.[..] "

So i dont know if this is yet included or was dropped due to the decision to remove the loss completely.

So it seems like this wont be a problem after the next update. Until then, i transfer my energy using automated crystal-loading/unloading-stations.

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Heh. I now found out this thing actually HAS configuration file.... It is hidden however :D




0 = 100% loss per block (HC Mode :D)

0.5 = 50% loss per block

1 = NO loss per block (Great one worked for me)

0.995 = Default - 0,5% loss? per block.

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