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Searching for tekkit let's play partners

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Not that long, but enuff to know what the basics are and how to make awsome factories (around ... Erm, 6-7 months)


Well, i would say i am, but its a personal oppinion

And of course... I love thoses fluffy things :P

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Skype Name: What_Turtle

IGN: Shetler122

Experience in Tekkit: Havn't played to long, but I know a good bit of the game, I watch a ton of guides and I try to use all the items I can find.

Can you host a server: I may be able to, but it would only work when I'm online. So probably not the best idea

Are you funny: Ehh kinda hard to judge yourself on these things, I believe I am, but it all depends on your sense of humor.

Do you like Llamas (Most important question): here's a real question hell ya, haha. But hell no lol one spit on me at my uncles farm.

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Skype Name:TehChuckles


Experience in Tekkit: I'm experienced in the ways of Magic and fiddling with Industrial craft and Red power to super power the already potent EE pack

Can you host a server:I live in australia. so if I host everyone will have to live on the same block as me.

Are you funny:That's for you to decide.

Do you like Llamas (Most important question):Well I do like Llamas yes. but the ones with hats scare me. they hunger... I can see it. in their hats.

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Hi, i would LOVE to lets play with you and other people

my skype name is eric.h13 (please DO NOT video or call me {for now })

i have had tekkit experience the moment they released it and i know lots of cheats ( tell me to use them when you need them) they are not hacking its a glitchy thing i'll show you.

yes, i can host a server in fact i have my OWN server for vannila.

yes i am very funny everyone (everyone says so)


if you read this when i post this you can skype me.

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IGN: awb22

Experience: about 8 months, really good with machines and getting them to work together, i also have lots of experience with FTB

Can i host a server?: no unfortunately i cannot

Am I funny? lol can be very funny when it comes to sarcasm.

Do I like Llamas: of course! how could you not like llamas??

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