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Industrial Tesla coil in my home.


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Hello everybody. Im running a tekkit lite server with my friends, and i would like to install a security system for my house with a Industrial tesla coil. My question is: there is any possibility to kill players and mobs with the tesla, without being killed myself when I enter to my home? I think that i must use the Programable filter, but i cant find a token that kill mobs and other players, and not me. Thank you everybody

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You might want to consider not posting the same topic 3 minutes later.

Anyhow, you could use a Wireless Redstone system where you can use a Wireless Remote to turn the Tesla Coil off temporarily. Make a toggle latch, and have the input be the Wireless Receiver and the Output run towards the Tesla Coil. This way, you can turn it on or off at will.

At least, I THINK Tesla Coils can be turned off with Redstone. If not, use EU Splitter Cable.

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There is no player identification with industrial tesla coils.

However, you can put in an item filter programmed to kill every player who is not wearing a very specific item (like, I don't know, a brown wool microblock).

This item will now be your very own private key.

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