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[0.6.1] Woodburry [24/7][No PVP][20 slots][Whitelist][Grief Prevention][Essentials]


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Woodburry has been reborn as a Voltz server with no whitelist.... you are welcome to join, I cannot ensure your safety


At first, it started as a zombie virus outbreak. The zombies quickly collapsed society as we know it, leaving the world in rubble. Few groups of people survived and made a new life for themselves. The zombies were still there, but they only came out at night.

One such place where human beings survived was the island town of Woodburry, where the man known as the Governor kept his people safe.

Over time, the zombie virus mutated and several new species came. The creature known as the creeper was the most feared. It was more cunning than the common zombie and was very.. combustible! Then came the giant mutated spiders and even the skeletal remains of the dead came up and learned to shoot bows.

As if all that wasn't enough, a dimensional rift had opened up leading to a new world known as the nether. From here came even more strange creatures.

Occasionally a newcomer would come to Woodburry. They would wash up on the shore and the citizens would welcome a new face. The town even expanded as the people learned to live with the dangers of this new world.


I am the Governor and I welcome you to apply to be a resident in my fine town. Just remember, this is no democracy!


In order to get whitelisted,

Visit www.woodburry.net and fill out a registration form.

Your username must be your IGN!!


Woodburry has it's own IRC server so if you want to drop by at woodburry.net and join the #woodburry channel, you can convince us in person why we should accept your appliction. This does not bypass the application process. All server chat comes through the IRC channel and visa versa.

When you apply in the registration, make sure that you enter a detailed response. All of our applications are reviewed by the other members and if they feel that you haven't given enough about yourself for them to decide, then they will vote for your app to be rejected. Every day I get applications with just a few words and I toss them in the trash. People like this server and they want other cool people to play with so convince them you are worth it!

Applications via Replies to this thread will no longer be considered.

Questions (not applications)

Email [email protected]

IP Address

woodburry.net (


1. No PVP without permission

2. No Stealing

3. No destruction of other's property without permission

4. Mystcraft item creation is disabled.

5. Chunk loading is limited to 18 per player

6. Quarries are limited to 1 per player.

7. All clocks / timers etc should be no less than 2s interval

Anyone reported will be investigated (from the logs) and if found guilty will be removed from the whitelist.


There are two pre-made ages at the administration

building near spawn. There is a skylands age with all kinds of cool weird stuff and there is a for those who wish to mine without tearing up the landscape.

Administration Building


Public Ages (Skylands and Mining age)



24/7 Server will always be up. It's hosted at a world class data center in Las Vegas on a 100Mb/s connection. (switchnap.com)


Some residents have created a cool rail system.



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may I join this server? IGN: shazbot

Looks like a cool server where I may build in peace :)

Description: I like to build crazy stuff and complex machines. I am a software engineer, so I enjoy solving complex problems and this game is a fun way to do that. Also, I like computercraft for that reason. I don't mind building with others or helping them with crazy redstone contraptions.

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IGN: UniqueWisdom

About: If you haven't noticed, many Youtubers have started to play Feed the Beast, a modpack similar but not similar to Tekkit, if that made any sense. Due to the mainstream, I decided to check it out. Unfortunately, there were too many intensive mods for my laptop, that I ran at about 16 FPS. I came to Tekkit, which contains mods from Feed the Beast but is less intensive. I wish to play on a small, friendly server to learn/explore the mods, while having help whenever needed.

Edit: *looks on server list* *two people are on* *tries to log on* *not whitelisted* :-(

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Name: Bryan

IGN: wraith0127

Age: 28

Location: New York State

Time playing MC: Over 3 years vanilla (since alpha), 1 year Tekkit Classic, 3 months Tekkit Lite

Why I want to join your server:

I've been looking for a small, relaxing server that has no PvP, where I can learn more about Tekkit lite with others who could lend a hand. I've built quite a few epic structures in the past and would certainly help in creating an epic spawn (but that's only on the side). On a Tekkit classic server I've created my own Island retreat, but lately that server's become boring with all the EE stuff and laggy b/c it's too popular. I'm pretty familiar with most of the mods from Tekkit classic that have been carried over to lite. I find MC ssp boring, but servers with too many people aren't good either b/c of the amount of stealers/griefers and all around bad players. Consider me for your server and I can show you what I can do (given some time). If you'd like to see my island on the classic server, message me and I'll invite you to my 3 houses and shop.

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Name: Reece

IGN: rdkillers

Age: 16

Location: Manchester

Time playing MC: 2 Years

Time using mod: 1/2 Years

Why I would like to join your server:

I have always liked build cool contraptions using redpower and the other mods but never get to show anyone and servers I go are mostly full of griefers. Im am good at making cool contraptions using the frames and motors out of red power and I could setup a nuclear powerplant for people on the server to use. Never been good at ending posts so i'll just end it.

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Name: jack

IGN: goldenboy33

Age: 16

Location: Manchester

Time playing MC: 2 Years

Time using mod: 1/2 Years

why i want to join your server:

i am learning to play with mods but i cant play in other servers because in other servers because there are noobs and people destroy my things when i am experimenting rdkillerz is teaching me at the moment. that is all i wanted to say, hope you reply

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IGN: Lil_Payasiito

Location: Colorado

Time playing MC: MC 3 years, Technic 1/2 yr, Tekkit Lite 1/2 year

Why I want to join your server:

Ive been looking for small servers where i can build and help build! I am new to Server playing almost play Single Player or sometimes LAN wit a buddy. THeres always a first and your server looks like a great place to start!

O by the way i am a great Rule follower so i wont be no trouble at all.

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