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[0.6.1] Woodburry [24/7][No PVP][20 slots][Whitelist][Grief Prevention][Essentials]


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Name: Phil

IGN: Pmd43


Location: Michigan

Time playing minecraft: 3 years

Why would I like to join:

I have never played on a actually good tekkit server, due to all the people that have griefed me or me or made me upset. Instantly after I saw your server, I wanted to join because no one likes to get griefed unless they're playing on that type of server. I have never played the new version of tekkit but it looks interesting and I hope you can whitelist me. Lastly I just want to play on a chill server cause of the reasons posted, and I hope you see how bad I want to join. :)

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Name: Skyler

IGN: skyr2d2

Age: 16

Location: Florida

Time playing MC: hundreds of hours in vanilla since update beta 1.3, 1.5 years Tekkit Classic

Why I want to join your server:

i want a small community type environment for fun then to get technical, my goal is to build a completely automated house.(and then whatever i can come up with later) and its nice to have a community in which you know everybody and there is less chance to get greifed.

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IGN: jackaloonie

Age: 15

Reason: My friend and i (coal99) have been looking for a server to just make bases that aren't eyesores, if that makes sense. We are quick at miencraft and can usually get diamonds within the first day. We would love it if you accepted us into your server, we would like to share items and help out players in need and that are in need of help (i understand tekkit is confusing)

If you could add coal99 and i that would be great!

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Minecraft name: tharusha99 and tom_mj

My friend and I were looking for a good friendly tekkit server where we can both play and help anyone who needs our help. I am quite experienced but my friend isn't so you might need to help him too! We can share out any excess items as long as its not too expensive too!


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IGN: SkateNeff

I wouldn't mind joining this is a pretty cool idea. As far as the intro goes I'm 21 not immature or disrespectful. I love playing Minecraft and I especially enjoy it with others. Easy to get along with and I love building/designing stuff and helping out if needed.

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