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  1. IGN: Pmd43 Age: 16 Country: USA Tekkit Experience: Been playing tekkit series and FTB for 2 years now. Do you have a Mic: Yes Are you able to use Teamspeak?: Yes Reason or Reasons for wanting to join?: I've been looking for a good server for quite sometime now. I'm thinking this server could be what I'm looking for and I'd love to join.
  2. IGN: Pmd43 Previous Ban: None Additional: Well I'm sick of all the crap servers think makes them better, but actually makes them worse. I understand costing resources for protection, but i hate having to earn dumb in game money to buy my protection. I just want to build what I want without it getting griefed, while chatting of course. The server at glance looks really decent and I'd love to be a part of it. Thanks, Phil :)
  3. Minecraft Account: Pmd43 Age: 16 Headset/Mic: Yes I love talking to others while playing these kinds of things. I have played on many servers, and now i'm just looking for a small community server where people like to talk. I think your server will fit the bill :)
  4. Age:16 Real Name: Phil Ign: Pmd43 Experience: I have played since the first original tekkit came out, so I'm highly experienced. Also, have played tekkit lite for 4 months or so. I do have a mic
  5. IGN Pmd43 AGE 15 Tekkit experience? Been playing since tekkit classic and the start of tekkit lite Did you read the rules Nope
  6. In Game Name: Pmd43 Age:15 Would i find your name on a banlist on MCbans? If so why did you get banned? I don't think you would actually Why do you like to play Tekkit lite? Because I'm a fan of most of the mods in the pack and it's fun lol Why this server? Because small whitelisted servers are the best, and to get input from other players. I've had a lot of fun in past whitelisted servers, and this one looks good as well.
  7. Username:Pmd43 Age:15 Why Tekkitopia? Looking for a very friendly atmosphere to play in, where people don't destroy others things, or steal what isn't theirs. Your secret code:5pmd
  8. Username:Pmd43 Age:15 Why Tekkitopia? Looking for a very friendly atmosphere to play in, where people don't destroy others things, or steal what isn't theirs. Your secret code:5pmd
  9. Minecraft Username: Pmd43 Age: 15 Youtube Channel(If you have one): toelectronics Would you donate: no I'm a poor high school student...sorry.
  10. Name: Phil IGN: Pmd43 Age:15 Location: Michigan Time playing minecraft: 3 years Why would I like to join: I have never played on a actually good tekkit server, due to all the people that have griefed me or me or made me upset. Instantly after I saw your server, I wanted to join because no one likes to get griefed unless they're playing on that type of server. I have never played the new version of tekkit but it looks interesting and I hope you can whitelist me. Lastly I just want to play on a chill server cause of the reasons posted, and I hope you see how bad I want to join. :)
  11. Minecraft Username:Pmd43 Location (Country): Michigan, USA How long have you played Tekkit: About half a year very excited about this server hope to be white listed Read our Rules? Yep I will make sure not to grief and make sure I play legit and respect everyone on this server.
  12. Minecraft name: Pmd43 Age: 15 Experience: Have been playing tekkit for a while and experimented majorly Why you want to join:I really like tekkit alot except I would like to play on a server not just by myself. I hope that I can be whitelisted this server really caught my eye because of it being survival
  13. User id: Pmd43 Age: 15 Tekkit Experience (0-10): 8 Minecraft Experience (0-10): 9 Do you intend to be a decent human being (yes/no): yes What would you like to do on our server? I would like to have fun and play with other people on tekkit. Sounds like a decent server and I'm thinking it would be very enjoyable
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