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Logistics Pipes Help


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Well we have a logistics system set-up to auto craft and all this stuff, We have this problem where it wont count each ore as 2 when macerated first. So this brings to bogging down the system, so we need something that will cancel ALL orders and ALL progress and just send everything where it needs to go.

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It still bogs down. Like ..

For example:

I make a electric circuit, It will start making everything however when it makes the copper wires (or w/e it makes faster) it will bounce inbetween the pipes until everything else is made. However the problem is that sometimes it takes other wires or left overs and bounces back and forth.

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If you need to take in more stuff than your crafting table can handle, either upgrade your crafting table to one which has storage in it or use chest with satellite pipe right next to the crafting table.

Assign an id to the satellite pipe, assign the same id to the crafting pipe satellite id section and then - still in the crafting pipe - relocate all overflowing items to the satellite.

Grasping all the nuances in logistics pipes efficiency does take some time. Crafting pipes on furnaces or macerators is not something i'd recommend. They're always too slow even with 8 overclockers

and you end up in jams.

Maybe a better option would be to automatically macerate and cook all the metals in separate network and then deliver them to your main network.

I have something like this up in my album: http://imgur.com/a/GRVxI

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Ehh, is there no Crafting Pipe MK3 in the version of Logistics Pipes that Tekkit Lite uses? That one has a built in hopper.

To temotodochi: Instead of using one IC2 machine per recipe, you can make a RP loop with tubes and relays. Use the satellite pipe to input things into the queue and when the final item comes out, send it to a bank where the crafting pipe picks it up.

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Yes there is a Mk3, The problems is not really with the macerators anymore, its with the crafting tables being full and the logistics pipes not recognizing it had items in it that I didn't order in the first place, thus creating a never ending backup. I don't see the Mk3 fixing that problem, either as it wouldnt put in the other components until i took out the other stuff, I guess a Mk2 crafting tables would probably be quite useful.

EDIT: Actually it seems the logistics pipes wont put materials in the Auto crafting MK2 tables. I'm not sure why really.

EDIT2: Nevermind, I just had to rotate them

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