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Can I get back to the overworld from a mystcraft world?!


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You probably want to go through Mystcraft ages until you find a Star Fissure.

That or, if you have console commands, use the /tpx 0 command to teleport to the overworld.

You can remove Mystcraft by deleting it from the mods folder. If you do this on your server, it won't need removing on your client. However, removing it on your client will stop you from connecting to Tekkit Lite servers with Mystcraft enabled.

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Ok, don't worry about that then - the server's multiplayer.

I also forgot to mention that you can also spawn in a portal block, use it to go to the nether, then go from the nether to the overworld. It can bring you out in some strange places, but at least it's in the overworld.

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/tpx 0 would work better, as it will always return you to the Overworld spawn.

And why remove Mystcraft? We've had this discussion before, it's a jar mod which means removing it would be a pain. Slightly less so because of modpack.jar, but still a pain.

And why even remove it in the first place? It literally does nothing as of yet until you deliberately craft one of the items. If you don't want people using it when you're hosting a server, there's a config option for that.

By the way, since Minecraft 1.3, Single Player and Multiplayer are kind of the same thing. Single Player hosts an internal server now.

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Mystcraft isn't a jar mod, I don't think it has been for a while. It definitely used to be, but not anymore.

And I meant the server mods folder - removing it from there on a server will stop anyone using it on that server. You can do the same for SSP, but you won't be able to join servers with Mystcraft on them.

You're right about /tpx though - it's definitely the best method.

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