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Crashes in 0.5.7 the Thermal Expansion guys claim it is "ID CONFLICT" and tekkit-lite's fault


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Had an issue where my server completely would halt anytime someone loaded the chunks in the area of the crashlog here...


The log mentions thermal expansion so i went into their IRC channel they were a bit "upity" to say the least. I read the faq first, searched the issue database and then tried asking clear and direct questions because I know developers are busy and don't want people wasting their time. The not so friendly Andrew2448 and Dashkal gave me answers back like "Your best solution is to use FTB, don't use TekShit". I could just see beavis on the other end of the internet gong "uhuhuhuhuhuh I told him to not use TekShit huhuhuhuh".

Anyway they repeatedly ignored my questions and would only say it was tekkit's fault and that the tekkit-lite creators had created an id conflict and are supposed to handle "their shit".

Apparently i have stepped into some mod turf war that I am not aware of.

Regardless of that can someone help with this server crash?

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