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Quarry ignoring Land Marks?

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So last night i set a 20 x 20 Quarry underground and it successfully mined out the entire thing, today i pack up everything and move it over to the next area (3 blocks away from the edge of the first Quarry), i set the landmarks, put in the Quarry and turn the engine on, but it ignores the landmarks completely. I try 2 more times in different areas and it's the same thing, it ignores the landmarks i set (which by now i make sure are all linked together before placing the Quarry).

What gives? This is really frustrating me right now :\

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i can use landmarks with the quarry but the filler just wont work with it for me ^^

Same as the quarry, activate the land marks (the filler can use a 3d shape) but you need bricks and glass to build a filler token in the GUI, google filler and look at wikis for a list of tokens and their recipies

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