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Known Conflicts with Tekkit Restrict and Other Plugins?


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Hello, I've been flying around all the forums of tekkit I can think of and can't seem to find this:

What are the kown plugin/mods that conflict with The Plugin, Tekkit Restrict?

I ask this because I've been attempting to use it and every time my server restarts after i install it, it stops working. I don't get any errors in the consol, It just doesn't work.

the only thing that indicates a problem (Other than the obvious) is when i type /trreload or tr reload, which ever it is, It sends back "INFO /tr".

I REALLY need this plugin to work for my server... Can anyone give me some assistance?

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Using /reload with ForgeBukkit is a really bad idea. Maybe that's your problem.

Really, just try to isolate the problem. Does your server work when you install no plugins apart from Tekkit Restrict? If so, add in plugins one by one or two by two and isolate the problematic plugin(s).

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Well I'm not using /reload , I'd be using /tr reload, which is supposed to reload the Tekkit restrict Plugin.

and I've been working on Isolating it, i was just hoping that anyone with a similar or the same problem would be able to help me along quicker.

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Aside from your usual Tekkit Mods, I have:






















I removed TC on my first attempt in installing TR.

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To be fair, if TR isn't 100% required I wouldn't use it, dreadslicer has dropped the project (for the second time now) it hasn't been updated in months except for trivial changes, plus it has countless problems with threading which on a good day will consume all of your servers cpu and on a bad day will actually crash it... That plugin is a guessing game of version hopping until you find one which is actually stable enough to use, and even then his dupe fixes don't work, the only one which actually stops duping is the RM furnace one the rest have bypasses and workarounds which still work...

But either way, which version of TR are you trying to use? I doubt it's incompatibility with another plugin which is your issue...

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