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[Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders] >Meta-inf fixed, still crash


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Hello everyone,

I wanted some good looking texture's for my upcoming vids & screenshots for the server, thats why I downloaded and installed everything wich is needed, here is a list:

-Optifine MC1.2.5 (multi-core)

-Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders V08 + Core Lite V08 (Tutorial said to do this for Tekkit Classic)

-Texture Pack > Sphax PureBDCraft 128x



I could easy walk, run, jump and fly around (In my server, not singleplayer) But as soon as I go to a large "Lava" populated area the game crashes leaving this error log:


System specs:

OS: Windows7 64Bit

RAM: 16GB DDR3-1600

GPU: Geforce GTX 680 (4GB)

CPU: Intal Core i7 3820

And here a list with what I tried to fix the error:

Delete all java (4 java programs)

Delete Full tekkit + Technic launcher.

Instal Latest gpu drivers >

Instal jre-7u15-windows-x64 >

Instal Technic and launch the game once >

Instal Optifine > Sonic Ether's > Texture pack.

Launch game and tried again > Crash > Tried with Lava animation off also result in a crash.

So, since I have everything downloaded new and fresh without any problems and deleted the Meta-Inf (in the modpack folder) What could there be wrong? What did I did wrong?

Thanks for any advice guys! If this fixed Ill might post an english tutorial on "How to instal The Sonic Ether's Mod" :)


- Also crashed when I do /home "Name of home"

- Also crashes when I set the texture pack to default

- Also crashes when using shaders Ultra V0.8 Instead of Lite v0.8

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Have you installed GSLS Shaders mod ? SEUS require that mod too to work .

Oh, I followed some German instruction while uhm not being german, Could understand it a bit and followed the uhm.. Tutorial by mostly watching. So I guess that will be the error then, Found a topic about it a few hours ago but since I've already posted it i decided to wait a sec :P Anyway, these images may confirm it (used f3 command at precice locations)


Seems that I lost the link, Do you know where to find a good tutorial?

Uhm, And I didnt installed Seus, just got optifine... and well it works except for some areas, It almosth looks like optifine isnt working



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This one looks good either, godda try it and post the thread as fixed if it works :)

Shaders Mod v10 for Tekkit > Nvm... same story (sonics ether mod)

Pfff, did I custom builded a Computer worth like 2000 USD.... and this is what I get in return >.<

Not working HD packages because it laggs and crashed the client... Gosh

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