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Automatic book enchanting factory woes


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I decided I was tired of having to re-enchant equipment after it broke - throwing out pickaxe after pickaxe after diamond pickaxe as if they were old tin cans as I looked for the perfect enchantment. So it struck me to use Minefactory Reloaded's auto enchanter to make a book enchanting factory.

Finding enough mobs to make the spawner took a few days, but I made my mob farm, got my tanks set up, ran BC2 power and liquiducts out to a remote wing of my castle, and did the obvious - I got a few chests and a few filters.

I stuck a filter on the chest pulling out unenchanted books, then I strapped another filter onto the bottom of my Minefactory reloaded auto-enchanter, started a timer at 300 seconds, and went off to get dinner. Lo and behold, the blank filter attached to the enchanter will not remove the enchanted book from the auto enchanter but instead insists on pulling out the unenchanted books and leaving the enchanted book within the auto enchanter.

On further examination, a BC2 engine and a wooden pipe will not pull enchanted books out of the auto-enchanter, either.

What do I need to do to get this to work/what am I doing wrong?

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What you could also do is use a Adv. Wooden Pipe and say it to exclude unenchanted books, this way it will only pull out enchanted ones. And then you put a Transposer with a chest on top on top of the Auto-Enchanter.

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I have yet to play with the advanced wooden pipes. I'm still having trouble with it using filters (it appears to just devour enchanted books rather than ejecting them), so I'm going to try switching.

For the mobs: You'll want a tier 5 soul shard in a soul cage.

Edit: I'm running a customized modpack that is sort of Tekkit, sort of Mindcrack, but not really either one anymore. Which mod has advanced wooden pipes in it?

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