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Engines blowing up randomly


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Here is my problem , i've set up a refinery that runs on a combustion engines ( 3 refineries with an engine each ) , all of them cooled by a pump with 4 redstone engines that have reached max speed and i've even built a chunk loader to prevent the pump from stopping working . Everything is going in the right way since i leave the refinery to continue to put down pipes to connect my second oil rig in the ocean . I returned from this trip around half an hour lather and instead of my well built refinery i found a beatiful hole T_T . What's the problem ? I don't get it ! Everything is setted up correctly , all the pipes connected , the engines constantly cooled by the pump and there's even a chunk loader that keep everything loaded ... please help me ...

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The problem is that you'll need Golden Waterproof pipes from the Pump to the Engines, instead of Stone ones.

And another tip is to use OR Gates, and set them to give a redstone signal whenever the engine is blue or green.

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