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[0.5.9] changelog?


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If you are using BukkitForge (at least the last few builds) do not upgrade yet. Something about block breaking/updating is seriously broken and the server crashes constantly.

EDIT: So, I just kept going back through the changelogs for BukkitForge and saw that there was a "move blockbreak into main project" note on build #246. Just as a WAG I put in build #245 and things seem to be working fine with 0.5.9 right now (02-25-2013 16:33 EST). Hopefully they'll get that worked out soon.

As for changes, just some anecdotal info since they are quite fundamental and expansive:

1) Complete MystCraft update. We are talking complete re-tooling of the system here. (overly complex and tedious as hell IMO... YMMV)

2) Added OpenCCSensors for IC2.

3) Added ChickChunks chunk loaders.

4) Updated many mods which get bug fixes, specifically IC2 which fixes the texture bug.

5) Tons more stuff.

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