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[1.1.3] ChudGaming Voltz [32GB RAM] [60 slots] [PVP] [FACTIONS]


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  • factions.owner – set ownership of claimed faction land
  • factions.ownerlist – list owner(s) of this claimed faction land
  • factions.ownershipbypass – bypass ownership restrictions within own faction’s territory

Might be cool permissions to look into for the future. It may allow faction leaders to protect their stuff :D and members could get their own area for storage which they could store personal tools or supplies.

But I know permissions can be a pain to setup :P , so this is just my two cents.

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Ah crap the jar stopped working for me so I downloaded the 1.1.0 server zip and copied and replaced the core mods, mods, and config and it lets me connect with the new launcher.

Anyone have a better method? As this crashes voltz when I disconnect from the server, player data and location is fine though upon reconnecting.

On a side note the new launcher has an option for voltz 1.1.2 if you scroll to the bottom

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You can't. This is where they fucked up. They deleted 1.1 from the version list so if you change your version at all, you won't be able to join.

Making the move to update to 1.1.3 so you guys can join. Should be up soon :)

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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