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[1.1.3] ChudGaming Voltz [32GB RAM] [60 slots] [PVP] [FACTIONS]


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▲PVP/Grief oriented server

▲60 slots available


▲Respect everyone

▲No duping

▲No hacking

▲No racism

▲This is a pvp/grief server so please don't complain if you have been griefed

▲Cussing allowed

▲Nothing banned







Azmic ─ Owner

Poptarticus86 ─ Co-Owner

BauceDrew ─ Co-Owner

Horner00 ─ Builder

Applications for moderator will be put up at a near future so we can add some other members to the staff team as needed

You will need the new Technic Launcher for the 1.1.3 update!!!

IP: [ Voltz.chudgaming.com ]

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sounds amzeballs I have been looking for a voltz server for ages i would love to join and be part of an amazing community leme know when the IP works plez also if any domain issues etc occur and you need help give me a shout i know my way around a DNS system anyday

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Sorry about all the crap that's been happening guys. We had to roll the server back a good bit but we hope that this will never happen in the future and we will take more precaution to prevent it.

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I have a feeling someone for some reason was overloading the server so the server kept going up then crashing and so on and throughout that, the world started getting corrupted because of it. I really didn't want to roll back but it was the only thing I could do other than resetting everything. I'm sorry.

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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