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Voltz Items not recognised by WorldEdit.

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Hello everyone, I am quite new to Voltz, I have managed to add world edit to my server using bukkit forge and overall I'm quite pleased, but Ive found when trying to use additional blocks that volts gives you, i can not use these blocks with world edit, it doesn't recognise the block types.

Is there anyway I can get world edit to recognise volts blocks?

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My server is running the last recommended build of Voltz, and when I launch Voltz through the Technic launcher you have the option to choose which version it starts with, either the last recommended build or the latest Dev Build.

I can access all blocks normally and place them individually, its just when I come to use essentials commands or the wand I cant use the blocks as Essentials reports the blocks as unknown blocks, so for instance I cant select a region with my wand and use the //set concrete command, or with any of the new blocks used within Voltz in this way.

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