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[TC][3.1.2] | EnchantedCraft [PvE] [80 slots] [Economy] Open - 24/7 - Residence


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Minecraft username: opt_user

Age: 23

Location: Portugal

Tekkit or Technic experience: played in my friend server but he took it down because of the cost. I really like tekkit and i want to be in a good server just building away

You do not need to apply. Just join the server.


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Minecraft user name: mudcat1001

Age: 20

Location: north attleborough, massachussetts

Tekkit or Technic experience:played technic for about a year then tekkit for about 2 months and a half

Bans on other server (we will do checks): Nope go ahead and check

Anything else (about you etc.): LOVE REDSTONE AND MACHINERY

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Yay, first applicant

Minecraft username: spartanyanni

Age: 15

Location: Long Island, NY

Tekkit or Technic experience: Technic since 1.8.1, heard about it from the very un-detailed oriented yogscast videos. Went onto tekkit, but was frustarated in the extreme "class separation" on most servers

Bans on other server (we will do checks): Can't remember the ip, snow lepeord at jest servers. Got in a argument with a admin who was abusing her powers and "coincidentally" killing me with lightning and spawning creepers.

Anything else (about you etc.): Aspiring alchemist, always trying to band together with others.

Once, before the owner shut down, 7 ops, 15 admins, AND the CO-owner and the owner (I was the only regular player at the time) all teamed up on me and all trolled me... hard

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I Am Lokking For A Good Server to Join. Im very experienced. I Want To Apply For Staff. I thonk i would make an exelent mod. im 13, have never been banned, and have played tekkit about half a year. I am always willing to help people out, and am active everyday.

Thanks For you time reading this,

IGN: SpartaD333

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Minecraft username: Blah_Andy

Age: 17

Location: Kearney, NE

Tekkit or Technic experience: I know enough to understand how things work.

Bans on other server (we will do checks): None that i know of

Anything else (about you etc.): Totally random, funny. I am also crazy (at least the voices think im normal ._.) jk :P

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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