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[Guide] running factions on a Voltz server


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I looked all over the internet and posted around this forum trying to find out how to do this and finally thanks to SilverOrange i know. So here is a guide to what worked for me. (I've only tried this on a clean voltz server)

Step 1.

You need to download a 'coremod' called BukkitForge, this can be found here http://build.technicpack.net/job/BukkitForge/ download the one name 'BukkitForge-1.4.7(the text on the end may change)'

Next you need to download the factions plugins. FOR IT TO WORK YOU NEED 1.8 no other version will work, find it here http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/factions/files/50-1-8-0/

Step 2.

Now you have the necessary files, turn your server off and put the BukkitForge jar file in the 'coremods' folder. Now start your server and you can check its worked by logging on the server and typing /plugins this should bring up the message Plugins(0) This means its installed correctly.

Step 3.

Turn your server off again and place the factions jar file into the plugins folder (make sure it is the 1.8 version) Now start your server and you should be done, you can quickly check the plugin is installed by typing /plugins and it should say 'Factions' in green, to check factions is functional type /f help Like I said earlier this worked for me on a clean Voltz server.

Hope this helps everyone as I haven't seen a proper guide how to do this anywhere. Also as for permissions my server is smaller so I don't use them and cant help but the permissions nodes can be found here http://massivecraft.com/plugins/factions (scroll down a bit for the nodes)

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