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[0.6.1] Feed The Bones [PvP-Raid][120 slots][No Myst][No EE3] NEW MAP!


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* Feed The Bones *

0.6.1 Updated!

Technic Launcher (build 203+) Required!

Selection of 0.6.1 Required!


Alternative: play.feedthebones.net

Uptime: 24/7 @ 19.4 Average TPS

Be aware: This is a PvP, Raiding, And Griefing* Server!

*Griefing under conditions of not exploiting some of the Towny protections including:

BuildCraft Quarring, CC Turtling, and RP2 Frameshipping into enemy towns. There are other ways to bypass which are indeed allowed. Allowed means include TNT/Nuke Cannons. We have modified Nukes to be the same radius as TNT but same force and damage effects.

Starter Kit Is Given Upon Joining!

Troubleshooting 0.6.1:

1) Download the latest Technic Launcher Here

2) RECOMMENED: Clear your .techniclauncher folder by:

* Start Menu -> (Search Box) -> %appdata%

* Click 'Roaming'

* Delete '.technic' or '.techniclauncher'

3) Start the Launcher

4) Click the 'gear' or 'sprocket' on the Tekkit Lite image on the LEFT SLIDEBAR.

5) Select 'Manually Select'

6) Select in the drop down menu and select '0.6.1'

7) Hit Save

8) Launch

9) Scream at the launcher team for making this so difficult.

Main Website: http://feedthebones.net/


  • No 1x1 Towers
  • No Extensive Swearing or Caps
  • No Spawn/Portal Camping
  • No Lava/Water Trolling When Raiding
  • No Advertising and No Spamming
  • No Begging Admins for Items/Ranks/Etc
  • No Hacks, X-Ray, or obvious advantage exploits.
  • Raging from being raided is ignored.
  • Playing Admins do raid and adhere to all rules and can also be raided themselves.
  • Report Any Admin/Mod Abuse Immediately To An Alternative Admin
  • Expect to be raided by anyone, prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

Removed Mods:

  • MystCraft
  • Advanced Repulsion Systems (Bugged)
  • EE3

Restricted Mods:

  • ComputerCraft

    • Veteran Players or Higher


We are one of the top raiding and griefing Tekkit Lite servers, which include some of the most rowdy players known to Minecraft. Some players are highly advanced in Tekkit having been playing since classic, using their skill to raid and destroy unprepared players. Towns only provide some protection from the lazy, not the creative.

Do you have what it takes to truly survive Tekkit Lite from all elements? Prove it.


  • Towny
  • Jobs
  • MonsterFix (TNT Modification Only)
  • Vault (Economy)
  • ChestShop
  • ClearLag

Banned Items:

Revised to be readable. Items maybe subject to change.


BuildCraft - Filler

BuildCraft - Builder

BuildCraft - Facade

BuildCraft - (Self Chunk Loader)

BuildCraft - Phased Waterproof Pipe


IC2 - Industrial TNT

IC2 - Personal Safe

IC2 - Quantum Chest

IC2 - Mining Laser


RedPower - Pocket Crafter


Factorization - Cobblestone Drive

Factorization - Shoulder-Mounted Piston


Modular Power Suites - Plasma Cannon

Modular Power Suites - Advanced Plating

Modular Power Suites - Transparent Upgrade


Steve Cart  - Chunk Loader


Misc - Canvas bag

Misc - Liquid Tesseract



MystCraft - ALL


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This is the best tekkitlite server I've ever played. No lag at all. Even with 50 people on. Only down time is for server maintenance and even then, the down time is around 2 minutes. Great community, fantastic spawn area, and its just getting better and better. There IS griefing allowed, and it happens a lot, so build your house somewhere that isn't stupid.


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