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I whole tekkit - Or "What Disney movies tried to teach us"


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While waiting our server admin to wake up and fix the mess I've cau.. - the mess that wasn't caused by me, much, I thought I'd share something you probably shouldn't try at home. Because I think this is exacly what Disney tried to warn us about in Fantasia (you know, the Mickey Mouse being sorcerer's apprentice? Here's the clip if you're one of those kids that have never even heard of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XChxLGnIwCU)

So let's imagine I wanted to build huge array of combustion engines, that require lots of gas to run on - so I figured I'd make first automated system to produce tons of biogas through fermenting wheat (easier to produce than sapplings, if maybe less effective in the process). Fully automated process with 4 Forestry farms, 16 fermenters, 8 stills - tons of piping and wiring.

It did work, it just doesn't produce enough wheat to supply everything for even 1/10th of full efficiency operation, so I tried to boost it up with EE's rings in pedestals. 4 Harvest Goddess' with 4 Blackholes on alchemy chests with piping down to the fermenters. That worked better, it keeps the fermenters running at most of the time, with occasional hiccups depending of the supply.

I log in, turn things on to see if they can keep going - and friend asks me to play. I log out.

Now if you've played with the Fermenters, you'll notice I never mentioned Manure/Fertilizer. I did actually make system to supply all the fermenters with roughly equal amount of manure, and additional obsidian piping network that would collect overflow of wheat/manure and loop it back in for other fermenters to balance the supply. It was intented that for building phase the system would choke out if it ran out of manure to 'burn' the wheat with, but that was before I put in the magical items and didn't think what logging out for 4 hours would do.

Because when I remembered that I forgot to actually turn the things off and logged in, I was greeted by black screen with stars and about 10000000000000 pieces of wheat floating around. Followed by java socket error and dead server. *Cough.* ._.

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They'll just keep it moving through the pipes, requiring routing mechanics to operate, and also display updates, causing 10 times the lag.

Except the part where excess items will automatically seek out an open inventory to go into, and if they can't find one return to transposers, block breakers, etc for storage (as they have a hidden inventory)

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