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Pump emptying an unlimited water source...


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So I'm playing on a server atm, having fun etc.

And I've made a simple combustion engine setup, with a BC pump, powered by 4 redstone engines, pumping from a 3 by 3 water lake into golden pipes...

But every time I get back online on the server, the lake of water is empty!

And my combustion engines would have exploded, if I didn't use Gates...

Anyone knows how to fix this?

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Try using Aqueous Accumulators - it's the same thing but without the water actually being removed. Much safer, and a lot easier. I don't think they even need power - just attach more water source blocks to increase speed.

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Aqueous accumulators are great, but additional pipes added a water pump pipe. Its a bit smaller to set up, simply place a source block underneath the pipe and it pumps it up without removing the source. Both works great but water pump pipe might be cheaper

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