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What are Mystcraft pages? To use Mystcraft, you mainly need Linking Books (crafted by putting a Book in a crafting grid) and Descriptive Books (crafted by putting a Feather and a Book in a crafting grid). Be sure to always bring a Linking Book created in the Overworld, when you visit Ages.





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I seem unable to find them normally nor hack them in leaving me unable to use mystcraft.

can anyone help?

The easiest way is to find a villager selling them. If you have at least one village found but none are the mystcraft villagers (purple robes with gold stripes), you can let a zombie zombify them and then heal them by hitting them with a weakness poition and feeding them a golden apple (the one made with nuggets, not the one with blocks). After a few minutes they'll turn back into a random villager, so there's a chance you'll get a mystcraft villager. If you have a mystcraft villager that isn't selling pages, trade something to him and his inventory will refresh with something new, most likely a page.

Once you get at least one page (you can't do it with no pages iirc), you can make a descriptive book and go to that age, and no matter how bad it is, mystcraft ages always have libraries built all over the place that have more pages in them.

Worst case scenario there's some way to get a notebook from creative mode that already has all the symbols but I never found it, what I did find though is that if you switch to creative mode (C not C+), there's a tab for mystcraft symbols that has all the pages on it. Can also use commands to make mystcraft ages and books but I'd be careful with that and backup your world first.

What are Mystcraft pages?

From the new version 0.10.0 in the dev build

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As I mentioned in the previous mystcraft thread, I fence in a merchant pen then just portalgun in a mystcraft merchant, a wheat/sugarcane merchant, and possibly other merchants. Then I use my farms to produce enough wheat/sugarcane/paper to trade for emeralds, then use the emeralds for the mystcraft merchant. And as mentioned before, the page merchant's inventory changes when they restock. (you can also use the MFR fisher for trades with the fish buyer for emeralds)

It's easy to rail over the proper merchants if you're stuck with base tekkit.

Pages are also avaliable in dungeon and mineshaft chests.

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Easiest way to get pages is to spam create ages with a single blank page in them until you get an age with:

Single Biome Desert(really any flat, no tree biome will work so you can see far)

No naseua instability(so you can see far)

No blindness instability(so you can see far)

Other stuff makes no real difference

You should be able to tell instantly on entering the age if it meets these requirements. Once you are in the age(remember to bring an overworld linkbook!) just start walking in any direction. You are looking for libraries, which are are about 10x10x15 cobble structures with a some columns and decoration on the front. Break into it. Each library typically has something like 20-30 bookshelves, 7 or so lectern with pages on some, and in one corner there will be a hidden chest behind the bookshelves with approx 10 pages in it.

Libraries are present on all mystcraft ages and are common enough that I managed to accumulate about 60 pages in 20 minutes on the world.

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