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Fastest Way to Get Rich in Tekkit


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this isnt a glitch

Fine. It isn't a glitch. It's a major Exploit that the mod develpoers didn't intend to happen when they made this mod.

I have friends that do the SAME EXACT THING, and they swear to notch that it's not cheating.

But when you put in 2 blaze rods, and get back 3, that's pretty cheaty to me. And here's the kicker, it only uses 128 EU to do it. That's 1/4th of a second from ONE SOLAR PANEL.

Scale this up quite easily, and you're pumping out a diamond every 4 seconds out of thin air

Honestly, if you're already doing this in servers just to get redmatter armor and tools before everyone else, you just need to move on.

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