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MFFS & Advanced Repulsion Systems


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Recently i have been trying out forcefields in a creative world and I noticed a possible imcompatibility for these two mods. When I try to make a Energy link card (whatever its called) for MFFS by right clicking with a blank mffs card (Both mods have this item but only one shows up) on the MFFS capacitor it doesnt work. I have also tried to make a ID card with the multitool but it gives me the error that there isnt a blank card in my inventory. Anyone know a fix for this?

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Indeed there is, 0.5.9 completely ruins it due to someone deciding it was a good idea to use the same item ID's and start a conflict between the mods so bad that to disable just one would result in no player being able to connect due to ID Mismatch errors. (0.5.9 fixes many of the 0.5.7 bugs for the other mods.)

0.5.7 - Can Remove ARS Easily - lolno, might as well use 0.5.9

0.5.9 - ARS is still humping MFFS and will not let go. If it were rebuilt this would be a lovely build with little problems so far on SMP.

0.6.0 - A development build only by means of fixing the pack yourself...but MFFS is fixed, the rest is f#$^!ed. Once the Client and Server matches correctly (although it's easy to just copy over the mod and config folder to sync it up like YOU HAVE TO FOR 0.5.9, there is just too many NEW things that can go wrong.)

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I'm surprised MFFS is still in the there, when Thunderdark has stopped modding:

Hi All

because of personal reasons I pull myself back from the Mc Mod Development..for the next time

and maybe when I come back I will not work on MFFS again....

I had a funny time and learned a lot about Java...

What will happen now with MFFS ??

seeking someone who wants to make the project forward if you have interest PM...

but please someone with java and Modding knowledge wink.png my code is hard to read

bye Thunderdark

Don't get me wrong, I prefer MFFS over AFS. Has anyone taken over the project? If not, then what? :S

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