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Anyone want a mod pack made by me for free?

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grrx, good news! I've got your mod pack working, but unfortunately modular powersuits and mekanisms wont work with it.

would you like me to upload it, or send it to you so that you can publish it yourself?

That's great man! Thanks! I'm ok with no modular powersuits. I'd like to have mekanism, but if it isn't going to work, then it isn't going to work. And, I suppose I'll upload it. Thanks again!

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ok grrx, here's the pack on dropbox:


i have posted it but it is currently hidden because when i tried to load it it just loads vanilla

i also got another pack to get close to loading but it doesn't load properly on the technic launcher the download url for it is http://technicpack.net/api/modpack/modcomp

ok can you un-hide it so that i can test it please.

i'm in UK time zone BTW, that's why i'm not answering you straight away

would compiling a server work for you? Oh and I would like to have this modpack work, It's called the VexCraft-Modpack. https://www.dropbox.com/s/c20aiuzwegplq09/VexCraft.zip

sorry but im trying to make a server work with my own modpack at the moment.

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Testing the pack now.

Update edit: Almost done. I just have to see if it installs correctly now. I got it to launch so I just need 10 more min. Would you like the address so you can make the pack on your own or do you want me to make the pack under my account and give a link?

Edit: Done! I just made the pack under my account. Here's the link!

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