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I really need help with The Witch's House I'm really close to the end somewhere on he 5th floor and viola keeps moving up and i can only move left or right. I really want to finish the game so some help would be appreciated.

Can you please explain it a bit better? I'm sure we can help you, but I'm also sure we need some more details.

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Oh, and while this thread is back, I thought I may as well mention a new game I found to be entertaining. It's not exactly creepypasta, but it has a similar vibe, (hey, it scared me), and the art is very reminiscent of Imscared. It's called Yeti Hunter. And it's made by Vlambeer.

Definitely worth a try.

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I know for a fact there is a downloadable version of the well-known Lost Silver pasta. There are also a lot of Jeff the killer related ones, though many of the are poorly made. (Pewdiepie's channel has a lot of 'Horror' games on it, many of which were inspired by creepypasta)

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