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Okay, bear with me, a bit of help needed on a custom Classic to Lite transfer...


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Hoping someone can help out with our little project this weekend with our server. And can help us avoid the nightmare of simply everything everyone's ever worked on turning to sand.

So, basic background info.

We set up a Tekkit server back in the good old days when the bukkits roamed free, and the world seemed so full of possibilities.

We updated to the most recent version ofTekkit Classic in the whole Classic/Lite division because we had no desire to lose Railcraft, one of the most commonly used core mods on the server. We also uninstalled EE and that naff weapon mod at the same time since it just didn't fit well with our world, and reinstalled crafting Table III (Since it works fine wih Tekkit, only causing occasional clent side crashes if you click in the wrong place).

Now, here's where it gets complicated.

After some considerable time with no updates, we ended up manually installing Mystcraft, since there was no sign of us getting a new Tekkit update soon. Took an afternoon but well worth it.

Recently we've looked into updating to Tekkit Lite, since we've got a couple of mods we're interested in (Okay, one mod, Modular powersuits) and would like a few bits of post 1.2.5 vanilla content, as well as up to date versions of mods like computercraft that see a lot of use.

Now, we want to ditch adding any other mods (None of that popular thaumcraft nonsense, no thermal expansion, no factorization) basically we just want to keep the core Tekkit Classic mods (Particularly the most used ones, Buildcraft, Redpower, IC2, Ender Storage, Computercraft) plus add the other mods we have on our server that we're so invested in (Railcraft, Mystcraft)

Our biggest worry is something breaking either our buildcraft piping systems'o'doom (We use them for SO much) or all our Railcraft stuff (It'd take FOREVER to fix everything, you know how long it takes to make everything in Railcraft, and it's not like we're going to have time to boot up the server, hop into creative and rebuild it all from scratch) OR most importantly, breaking our Mystcraft books. We have hundreds, and most crucially, they're all kept in a library INSIDE A MYSTCRAFT AGE. So if we lost access to it everyone loses all their worlds.

Is there a way to limit incompatibilities when doing a transfer like this, so that we get to keep most of our world? Reinstalling Crafting Table III after the fact was easy enough since we only lost a handful of those, but losing something like our Railcraft stuff or any of our piping would be a disaster we might not be able to recover from. All sorts of stuff would be destroyed (Literally, in some cases. We'd have exploding machines all over the place due to cooling systems failing). So as you can see we'd want to make sure the mods were all working compatibly before booting the server and leaving it up.

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Just make sure that all the item ID's are the same for what you want to keep through the config. Maybe make it into a custom modpack so that you are sure everything is the same client to server side.

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Was going to suggest just that. Make a custom pack. When you are deviating from the standard build and have to change something server side it can be a real pain to update all the clients. A custom pack makes it trivial. Plus, if you do a custom pack you can replace 0.6.1's CC with their latest version which includes wired modem traffic which is quite cool.

On the side of a personal suggestion: Some of the mods which Tekkit Lite has that aren't included with Tekkit Classic add some remarkable improvements to mechanics without being overpowered. Thermal Expansion adds conduits and liquiducts which are more expensive but better than BC pipes in nearly every way. Factorization adds almost nothing you can't do better with other mods (so would get almost no use by practical players), but its Wrath Lamp is something that vanilla MC and all mod packs should have had years ago. And Applied Energistics? Wow, mind blowing.

As for MystCraft, I'm assuming you put the 0.10.x+ version in your server and not the older one? If you put in the older version then you may struggle with using your ages on the new one. The whole system changed so much that the move can mess some things up (I know a lot of my Descriptive Books got wonky). Of course, if you do a custom pack there is nothing preventing you from just using the old version. The new version, which is still very much a work in progress, hasn't "added" anything yes, just massively changed how everything is written.

Just my two cents. Good luck!

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Our Mystcraft is the version that was recommended to us for a 1.2.5 server,

I don't see us needing much more than is already in our Mystcraft though. And don't want descriptive books messing up.

TBH the only real additions we want are the vanilla improvements the game has had in the last few patches.

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So I'm the one actually attempting the move from our 1.2.5 Classic Lite to a custom modpack.

Here's the problem: I've created an entire modpack with all our current mods, but updated to 1.4.7, as well as a couple of other ones. I downloaded the TekkitLite 1.4.7 technic launcher so I could have the appropriate .jar files and other files. My knowledge of modding is very limited; but my main problem is getting the server running. It's not as simple as plopping my 1.2.5 folder into my 1.4.7 folder. When I try that, I get a lot of Java errors that don't mean anything to me (I can drop a log in here if it helps), but most seem to come down to ClassDefNotFound. As soon as it starts preparing the world, it spams a lot of the following:

2013-04-08 22:47:05 [iNFO] [sTDOUT] Skipping TileEntity with id MFFS camo

And other id's as well as CrystalBlock and TeleportPipe, and a few others like the Mystcraft items.

After another slew of messages it gives the java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: l.

I'd like to add a transcript of the log but it's not obvious to me how to do that on this forum.

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Small update: I've been using the mIDas Gold programme along with a patch.txt file that's revised to accurately reflect our server's IDs to gain some success. We've managed to keep all our redpower microblocks and keep all the marble/basalt blocks. My goal right now is to compare the ID Dump files of our old server and the new one with all the new mods and edit the patch.txt file to correctly configure all blocks.

One thing I haven't been able to figure out: Even though I'm using the Immibis Core mod that comes with 1.4.7 Tekkit Lite, I can not find any Immibis (MFFS) item or block ID's in the ID Dump. Therefore I can't convert any of the old blocks to the new ID.

Also, even though I have replaced all the BC pipe ID's (waterproof/transport pipe, teleport pipe), I get a slew of "skipped tileentity with ID teleportpipe" errors, as well as every single transport pipe in the world has an entity, I can hack it out, but it's invisible, shows no texture or anything, and of course doesn't work.

Finally, certain items seem to have reverted to vanilla textures, like the Redstone or Combustion Engines, World Anchor, Railcraft items, and some others. Updating to a 1.4 version of Sphax seems to completely remove -any- textures as opposed to my current one for 1.3. Am I supposed to install Optifine for this to work?

@Lethosos, as I mentioned in my previous post, all our current mods have already been updated to their 1.4.7 equivalents.

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