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Using MJ to power a sorting system.

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I have a typical wooden chest connected to a wooden transport pipe that connects to several diamond sorting transport pipes. If I use a standard redstone engine under the wooden transport pipe, the items reach their destination. However, I have a fairly large solar array system built up very near this location. I built up an IC2 LV Converter > Energy Bridge > BC Producer system in the hopes of using raw MJ to power the wooden transport pipe. Thus making the chest begin to send out the dumped items into their respective chests via the diamond transport system.

The problem is that I am unsure how to power that wooden transport pipe properly. Do I absolutely need an engine there? I don't want something I have to constantly refill.

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Plowmanplow - I can see we are both TE converts!! Was going to give the same advice.

The Autarchic gate will take a long time to build but they are boss. Get an automated system to churn them out and you are laughing. No more crud engines turning red everywhere.

A much simpler way would be to just build 2 item tesseracts, connect 1 to the output and one to your diamond pipe. You can then place the output anywhere. You don't need to pump out of a tesseract, it auto forces items out.

Use the tesseract once, see the implications, change everything you have done so far and smelt those Ender pearls!

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