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Tekkit Lite: Where are the Volcanoes?


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I know redpower has Volcanoes, they use to dot my landscape in the old tekkit. Well, sense I started a Tekkit Lite world, I have no seen a single one. I have scanned a 1k path all around my base and found not a single one, lot of oil though, lot of marble stashed on the side of hills and what not... but not a single lava pumping Volcano.

So, my questiion is: Do they still spawn in tekkit lite? I wanted to use their blocks for the walls of my base but I just can't find one. Is this just very bad luck or what?

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I just loaded that seed, and tped myself there, and there is no Volcano.

I even reinstalled tekkit lite, and still none of my saves, and I've made many maps in creative to hunt for these thing's, and not once have I yet seen a single Volcano. Is it some how disabled or what?

Or am I just having some extream bad luck with finding them? Did their numbers go down or? They use to be all over before...

I want my Volcanoes...

I just wonder if it's some setting with forge or what not, are they turned off by default or?

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Im vanilla tekkit lite.

You cant be having bad luck, I created a new world with the seed I provided, and the volcano is there. Ive also taken a drive around the world and spotted no less than 7 so far (going out to 2k+ around the spawn)... not sure what to say as I'm relatively new to Tekkit too.

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Can someone else try the seed I provided in my first response, confirm if the volcano is actually at the coordinates I specified?

It might be an issue with his client or the settings he's using for generating world (biome sizes, etc...)

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I have tried your seed and there is definitely a volcano where you stated there was one...a pretty large one at that. Taiine either must have missed it somehow, mistyped the seed, or has set up the server in some very strange way.

For what it's worth, I created a new world using a random seed and found four volcanoes quite near to the spawn. Luck can be a cruel mistress.

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There's no server. I'm playing tekkit lite SSP, normal biome size. I added in your seed, poped into creative and loaded in cheats, and typed in the coords to tp me to your exact coords.

X: 90

Y: 106

Z: 379

No -XXX just flat numbers. No volcano .

It's on the border of a tundra biome, a river and a forest.

Thats why I'm asking where are my volcano's. This is default tekkit kite, no added mods, no change in settings. Fresh install (new pc) download the launcher tell it to run/install tekkit lite, and start playing.

I even rendered out my whole tekkit lite map


Now, any custom block added would turn up purple, as you see with the custom trees. No where do you see any large purple mounds to show a volcano in my world. This is about 1k+ blocks in directions from the center hills biome that's my base. With how redpower use to dot my landscape in tekkit classic before, you'd think I'd have found at least one!

So yes, is something a miss? Am I just stupidly unlucky and they boosted how rare they are or... what?!

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Maybe you'd like to borrow one of my volcanoes

Mine respawn and asexually reproduce

Seriously, it's pissing me off, 50% of my worlds end up eaten by volcanoes.

But if you don't suffer from this bug, then yes, they have become less frequent.

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