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Vanilla and Tekkit Lite side-by-side?

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I took a break from Minecraft for a while and haven't played since like 1.3.1 and I want to experience all the great new stuff in 1.5.1, BUT I've also heard great things about Tekkit and want to try it. Is there a way to run vanilla AND tekkit lite on my computer at the same time? I only play minecraft in SSP, and I realize that the worlds will NOT be compatible between the two versions, but can I somehow have two different clients installed at the same time and just decide which one I want to run?

Thanks for the help!

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I wonder, when will the day come that only Forge has to update and all Forgemods will automatically work without updating?

When Notch doesn't make sweeping changes such as separating all the texture images into per block/item

Because it's not just a case of pulling out photoshop and splitting the images, it also requires the mods to handle their images differently

This is just one example but you get the idea *shakes fist at Notch*

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They should've included backwards compatibility, though. What kind of developer doesn't do that?


But seriously, they are "working on" the official modding API, Forge is trying to give modders something to work with now so that modders don't have to edit the base files (cross compatibility) and Mojang and just going along knowing full well the modding community is going to work around every change they make, and because the community is working around the developers, the developers won't work around the community

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