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[1.1.3] JWL Gaming Voltz [PvP][20 Slots][Towny][ChestShop][Nukes][MCPC+]


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In order to join you must be on Voltz version 1.1.3, to get this version, go to your launcher, next to the voltz icon, click the gear icon and select Manual Build, Then in your version bar select 1.1.3

Welcome to JWL Voltz!


JWL Gaming looks for friendly players that are happy to help each other and make for a fun place to play





When you join this is where you will begin, giving you details of rules and staff as well as a shop, the jail and donation details!


-Always listen to and respect staff

-Do NOT ever try to attack spawn

-NEVER use hacks or exploit bugs

-Keep swearing to a minimum

-Do not excessively attack someone

Banned items:

-Antimatter missile/explosive (can bypass server protections)

-Redmatter missile/explosive (can destroy the entire world...)

-Rocket Launcher (can bypass server protections)

-Grenades (can bypass protections)

-Rejuvenation missile/explosive (can corrupt worlds)







Global Moderators:













-Visitor: Default rank

-Resident: Play a lot and be helpful to be promoted

-Donator: Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond, Platinum, See Donation building for more


-Chestshop: allowing you to buy and sell items

-Towny: allowing player to group together to help and protect eachother as well as wars between groups of players

-ShopKeeper: Allows us to give players access to obtaining Nuclear Explosives and Nuclear boilers


Both Tekkit and Voltz run off the same high-powered dedicated server, meaning 24/7 uptime, no lag and huge connection speeds. If we start to fill the 20 slots, this limit will be raised and if demand and donations allow we will add additional hardware.

Why not try our TekkitMain server too?

Linky Linky

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Need more players, maybe invite your friends to come check it out? Also those asking how to get resident all you got to do is play for a few weeks and during those few weeks be respectful towards other's. Once Staff notice this you will get promoted, also asking for promotions will decrease your chance of getting one.

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Man today was fun, first i started legit and got tons of missiles to attack teh60 with. I was winning until he got an obsidian paxel, broke into my fort, droped a bomb in and blew the entire thing up D_D. So now i'm working with teh.....funny how that works.....mrbabes a riot with voltz xD

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Been playing a few days now.

Had the contents of 3 chests disappear (over last 24hrs or so, 1 chest at a time)

The first 2 times it was just vaniila stuff (stone wood etc etc)

3rd time it was my metal and gem store, I was in the chest and everything just vanished. logged out & back in but all as disappeared.

I checked the protection and the chest was not protected, I am sure I did protect it but can't be 100% about that.

Any body else reported this? Someone in game said they had it.

(Its very frustrating to loose all the valuable stuff!)

Can you have a look please.

It was about 20:00 hrs british summer time (thats 19:00 gmt)



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