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Hidden Missile Silo?


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OK, I am new to voltz, and am on a pvp server with some friends. I was wondering if there was a way to make hidden missle silo's, so I came here.

I know about camoflauge, but someone can accidentally fall through. What I want is a way to make it safe AND easy to shoot missiles from. This is from a base at bedrock level, if that helps.

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Fall through? Do you mean if you build it at bedrock, someone can fall through the giant hole?

yeah, that would let them know where our base is.

You could have your launchers just a bit below the surface, and use sticky pistons.

I had thought of that, but I didn't want to go all the way up there to launch missiles. Oh well...

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yeah, that would let them know where our base is.

Well, if you use camoflauge blocks, players won't fall through. They will act and look like blocks, which is preventing you from falling through them. Also, if you use glass on the side facing underground, and dirt (if your biome's main surface block is that) you can see through the block from the underground, while the players above will only see dirt. That feature is quite handy if you're playing on a server with many players.

And as Jay? said, the best and most functional thing to do, is to move it a bit below the surface and use sticky pistons.

Or do as I did, move the base high up. I build my base and launcher platform almost at cloud height with camoflauge blocks, so nobody could see me way up there. Also, it makes it easier to set a destination for the missles with the radar gun.

But I guess, since you probably already have dug out your underground base, you should follow Jay?'s suggestion.

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Volts is a PvP War mod, end of. ICBM is the most dominantly used mod along with it's requirements for use.

It makes the mod alot better to include more ways to PvP in this way.

  • Redpower 2
  • Modern Weapons Mod
  • Planes Mod

It's just Missiles and Grenades at the moment, these mods added to the pack will really spice it up.

Also remove all different forms of steel and change it to all products are of the same would be really helpful in making the mod far more stable and cleaner.

The now abandoned Zeppelin mod would of been the most amazing addition to this mod pack if it wasn't abandoned and left out of SMP.

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