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Looking For Builder(s)

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So don't start shit if you can not spell right for one

Well if you want to be like that

to become apart of

it's "a part" 2 words, not 1 http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/apart

Our server maybe a game

Again, 2 words not 1, "may be"

And to continue picking apart your thread (correct usage right there)

OP @ 6:39 AM 08/04

Bump @ 10:29 AM 08/04

Not only did you bump, but you bumped at just under 4 hours, any forum that allows bumping (IE, not this one) asks you to wait anywhere between a day and a week, not 4 hours

And to finish off my post here is a suggestion (besides read the rules)

Edit the OP so that the application can be quoted, or better yet put the entire post in plain text, makes it so much easier for people to copy and paste

That is, when you post this in the right section, there is an area for server posts, it's further down the forum list

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