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[0.6.1]CyberiaCraft[no PvP]20 slots[no-whitelist] No banned items


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Cyberia Craft, tekkit in its freeist

Edit!!! the server is back to tekkit lite


  • No racism or sexism of any kind. We take a strong mind to this and it will result in an immediate ban
  • No griefing!
  • Dont pester the OP's , they wont give you anything
  • Do not spam the chat
  • No offensive comments
  • No cheating that includes things like X-ray mod packs.

What we need:

  • We need some people to help build the spawn and that, this is what we have so dcbrjd.png
  • we are also looking for some people to help build some outlying villages
  • we are looking for creative people to build some unique structures and others who can come on regularly to help make a thriving community
  • we need people who have a passion for tekkit as well as those just looking to have a bit of fun
  • the server is open to anyone of any age, nationality or gender however be warned we cant control other players language but we can sanction it
  • the server is located in england so will offer better connections to people in europe/uk

The current community :

currently there are only a few players online who are all very friendly and will help you out if needed. i will be on most of the time to help get things started. the current commnity are mostly experienced builders who live in america.

The server expected to have a 24/7 uptime however we cant guarantee it.

We currently have a few people playing however we are looking to expand to a wider community to enhance current players experience.

currently there is no whitelist so you can just join but to visit the main city you will need to apply for citizenship

currently there are no plugins installed as we are working out the kinks.

to apply for citizenship we just need some basic info laid out like so:



Skype: (if you have it or you can PM it to me)

what you want to do:

currently you can build as soon as you log on but you can get to the new town without permission. the server is based upon similar themes to the game hydrophobia :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrophobia_(video_game)

The Story;

it is the year 2051 and the earths population has risen to the point where the earth can no longer sustain us so we have moved on to another fresh new world it has taken less than a decade to get there using the latest FTL transport however the stasis systems failed and we have lost a great deal of our population leaving only a few to colonize this new world.the ship has crashed into the ocean and has been extremely damaged. people escaped through escape pods and has left them scattered across the winds. your first job is to reach the city

good luck!!

P.S if you want to be a staff reach the city first!! and we will interview you

weve nearly finished spawn now , here it is:



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I reccommend looking into mcpc plus to run on your server. I am using the recommended version of mcpc-legendary on my servers and its been running with very few problems and plugins work perfectly

ok thanks however whenever i try to run mcpc plus i get a long list of errors . i think the servers bugged becuase i tried installing a tekkit classic server to use plugins with and that aslo didnt work

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