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Play tekkit without update.


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Hello everyone,

I am wondering if it is possible to play tekkit lite without the launcher having it updated?

Untill a few days ago, I could play tekkit without problems. Suddenly the list of materials was empty and the game crashed when I tried to search for an item. Stupid as I am, I deleted the tekkit lite folder, thinking that installing it again would be the answer. Re-installing tekkit does function correct, but then I miss some mods that my friends and I were using and I'm not able to use my own maps then anymore.. So I copied the tekkit lite folder of my friend, who uses the same version with the same mods (we play together every now and then, without problems). I figured that should work, but when I start tekkit, it starts updating (without asking, what it used to do before this) and then it shows some error.. Another every time..

I can't seem to get the mods in it by myself, I tried that for hours and it really frustrates me. I'm hoping that it is possible to make the launcher stop that update and that the game will just work then..

Can somebody please help me? I would love any other sollution too, I only want to be able to continue with my map.. Thanks in advance.

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I believe you want a specific build

Select tekkit lite (but do not log in)

Click the little gear below the pack

Select manual build

Choose the exact build you were using before (Try checking the mod list of your friend against the Tekkit Lite changelog for a reference, I'd start with 0.5.7)

Once you have the right build then you are set

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I don't see a little gear.. Is that something from the new launcher? And if I find that, can I select more mods than what is already in tekkit lite? To be more specific, it is mo creatures (4.5.0) we included, and that seems to be the problem now.. I feel like such a noob now, but after trying for days, I kind off given up on finding the sollution, even while I'm still in the mood to build a lot of stuf..

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