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Dynmap with 0.6.5 (tutorial?)

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I love Tekkit Lite. I have a small server with friends, and we love the mod pack. (Thanks Team!)

But, we really do miss the Bukkit plugins. Especially Dynmap.

There are a few threads on the forum regarding using DynMap, but I still haven't been able to find a tutorial that really boils it down to what I need to do.

We do use MystCraft, and Dimension Doors (and everything else), and I don't want to get rid of these. Considering this, are my hopes of being able to implement this crushed?

If not, can anyone point me to a tutorial that will get us up and running?


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My experience, on a few server instances running current builds of MCPC+, is that DD seems to be doing something wonky to chunks that makes them not load properly. Even chunks that don't have rifts or rift portals in them. And not 1 or 2 either. multiple in a row, and frequent enough to be a hassle.

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I got Dynmap working with tekkit lite (+ other mods)

Dynmap-1.6-forge-6.5.0 for modified version of tekkit lite 0.6.1

There are instructions to set it up here:


Instead of pluggings, the dynmap zip goes in to mods.

If you want to access the map externally, you will need to portforward the dynmap port (default 8123)

You can bluff a link to the map by doing something like this:

<a href="/?worldname=world" onclick="javascript:event.target.port=8123">

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Alright. I need to admit to being an idiot. I had a couple tabs open and thought I was replying on one talking about Dimensional Doors. Conceptually I think it's awesome, but I don't think it is at all ready for prime time.

As for Dynmap, it seems to be working perfectly fine, right out of the box on my server.

Sorry for the confusion.

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