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Nether Portal not working?


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So, second help post in like 2 hours, sorry! It's just that the new tekkit has very little documentation.

So I set about building a nether portal from obby, using the normal method of cutting the corners using 10 blocks in total, but it won't light? is there a special new way to get to the nether in the new tekkit?

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actually i am having a problem with my nether portal not working correctly I have a nether portal set up by my base and it is out in the open. I can enter it just fine but when i exit it creates a new portal somewhere nearby in the overworld rather than putting me back at my portal... anyone ha this happen?

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In response to Arden.

Nether Portals act that way. When entering the nether the game looks for an existing portal with in 128 blocks. If one already exists it sends you there rather than making a new one. However when leaving the nether the game looks for an existing portal within 1028 blocks on the over-world.That means if there are other portals with a 1028 square blocks it can send you to the wrong place.

I would destroy all other over-world portals within 1028 square blocks. Perhaps even further out because if it connected you to a already existing portal in the nether, it already moved you some. If it has and you don't want that, I would break the in nether ortal and then kill myself. Then when you enter again from the over-world, since no in nether portal exists it will create another in the location that is tied to your over-world portal location, instead of moving you some. When there are no other portals enter your portal and exit again and they should connect properly.

After that if you build another in nether portal within 128 of the first it should send you to your over-world portal. More than that 128 in nether blocks and you will always end up somewhere different.

I hope that helps. There is really good help on the functions of nether portals on the vanilla minecraft wiki.

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I set up the portal in my base wherever I want it first and write down the coordinates for each side of the portal. I go to the Nether and divide my current position's x and z by 8 (the nether is 8x smaller than the overworld, height (y) is the same). If the two numbers don't roughly equal each other then I came to the nether through someone else's portal and I go to my calculated nether coordinates and build my own portal. Then again I'm extremely anal retentive about this sort of thing.

For example if I had built a portal in the overworld and one of the sides was sitting on x=80, z=80, y=1 then I would make a nether portal at x=10, z=10, y=1 (using whichever side I took the measurement on, ie left/right) to make 100% certain that one would always take me back home.

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