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Copy files to normal minecraft?


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Hi everyone.

I am so fascinated by this mod, i told a few friends of mine about it.

Sadly one of them has an issue with the tekkit launcher for some reason it does not work. I dont know why I told him to update java, run it as admin, reinstall it and look for troubleshooting on the board here. But no good so far. Oddly enough his standard minecraft runs nice.

Since I played on another server with IC2 and co. before without the Tekkit launcher I figured there has to be a way to manually install tekkit into the vanilla folder an run it using the standard launcher.

Of cause this is not nearly as convenient as using the tekkit launcher, but its worth a try.

So does anyone know which files from the .techniclauncher folder we have to copy to the .minecraft folder and where to place them?

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You cannot run Tekkit from the vanilla launcher without modifying the launcher's source code, so the only thing you can do is to make Minecraft Tekkit. The 'tekkit' file inside .techniclauncher is basically the '.minecraft' file for Tekkit. Copy that file to replace .minecraft and rename it as '.minecraft'. TAKE A BACKUP OF THE ORIGINAL '.minecraft'. I am absolutely not sure will this work or not.

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It wont. There are subfolders like tekkit or technicssp wich resemble the .minecraft folder. But only RESEMBLE. The minecraft.jar is unmodified (I guess?), but there's another jar called modpack.jar, wich represents, well... the modpack xD

But even if I copy all the files to a normal minecraft.jar, it won't work. Don't really know why, though it should be.

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There is a modpack.jar in the bin folder which seems to contain modloader, minecraftforge ond some other essential mods other mods depend on. I guess the launcher loads that jar together with the minecraft.jar. You could try to put the contents of the modpack.jar into the minecraft.jar and delete the meta-inf directory in the minecraft.jar. (in the tekkit\bin directory) Then replace the .minecraft directory with the tekkit direcory and start your vanilla minecraft launcher.

Just tried it and it worked for me but not without problems. After starting the vanilla minecraft launcher it updated to 1.2.4. So you should make a backup of you modified minecraft.jar before you start the launcher. If it updates exit the launcher and replace the new downloaded minecraft. jar with the backup you just created.

Backplague already told you to take a backup but I will tell you again. Please make a backups.

Good luck!

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