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(NEW) TEKKIT Tutorials and a lets play for good measure!

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Hello there fellow minecraftians and welcome to my thread.

I am by no means an expert on all things minecraft, but Ive had quite a bit of experience playing with various mods over the last year or two. I saw the amount of people posting for help and guidance in all things power and machine related over in the new tekkit forum, and I wept with sadness at their plight (read,,,had a few rum n cokes, my server node was down, so i passed the time messing about with dxtory :P).

Ive cobbled together a few tutorials covering the majority of thermal expansions excellent machinery, and after watching them back, stone cold sober, they actually looked like they could help people. So Im uploading them as we speak to my youtube.


I wasnt planning on doing a lets play, just uploading some fun stuff. But it seems my noobish server management leaves much to be desired, and Ive done the unspeakable and broken everything. So a fresh start is the only answer. The lets play will commence in the next day or two, but like most, I tend to play for hours at a time, so the episodes will be heavily edited to remove the dull stuff. And in the nature of the tutorials, I will attempt to impart wisdom upon you and guide you through the basics of the mods included in the pack.

As Ive covered most of the items from thermal expansion already, I will endeavour to cover the few remaining items as well. Ive also recorded a walkthrough of dimensional doors and galacticraft, which I will edit into a somewhat cohesive order when Im not busy having fun playing the game myself :D

I hope everyone is as excited as me about the new pack and finds some of my ramblings helpful.

Catch you all later :)

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Haha no worries dude, tell your gf to pm me ;) jk jk

Ive uploaded a few more bits and pieces including a galacticraft dummies guide, that some would find helpful. Again, they may not be the best, but they will help those who are having troubles.

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Ok, it took some time, but the first episode of my lets play is up.

Did the hunter gatherer thing to start, as expected. Then raided pocket dimensions for loot and built a starter house. A little mining with turtles and we are nearly ready for the beginnings of a machine room :)

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Episode 2 is now up.

I get some basic ore processing machines set up, finish mining with turtles and take a first and hopefully last trip to the nether.

Someone mentioned about lowering the ingame audio in future, I will do so, but I had already recorded the footage for this episode.

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Episode 3 is ready to go.

I test the mfr biofuel reactor/generators and decide that this is definitely the way to go about power production, and set up the more advanced machines with redstone cells and conduits. We are getting closer and closer to industrial scale production :D

Episode 4 is recorded and is one to watch out for, as we take the self sustaining power idea to the next level! Should be up the same time tommorrow :)

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