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Questions Galore! and Bugs?


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Hello all.


I really hate leaving out information that people might need to help. But I also know how daunting a huge wall of text is to even bother looking at so here is the short version, before everything else:


how do I pump/collect sludge and sewage from pools? how can I use computers with rednet cables? Are the oxygen systems broken on the moon?

-end edit-

I've recently moved from tekkit classic to the new Tekkit (1.0.3?) and have had a great time learning about and playing with the new mods. Galacticraft has obviously been great to mess with but this is the first time I've played with Thermal Expantion, Applied energetics, and MineFactory.

While all of it so far has been fun, I've also had some trouble with a couple of different things in each of the mods, and I had some general questions:

First of all, the new sludge and sewage liquids are gross. Not that their hard to get rid of but since "going green" is the big thing now, shouldn't I be able to do something with the pools of yuck, other than block them or transport them with buckets? Since i'm used to it, I tried to use the BC pump to suck the pools into tanks. I have powered the pumps directly from pumps, as well as from the other various power choices, and nothing seems to make them suck up sewage or sludge. What item can take care of these pools and how do I deploy them in relation to the pool? I have tried the sewer, the pump, the water pump pipe, and the liquiduct.

Next, I love the new Applied Energistics, and the rednet controller looks incredibly powerful (as in I really shouldn't need anything else for some really complex creations). But I also loved being able to use bundled cables with computer craft, and as much fun as it is to figure out what kind of gate setup I need (hooray for NAND!), I find it much easier to develop complex designs and controllers by programming them. Is there a way to use the RedNet cables with the computer or advanced computer? And if so, is there a tutorial I can use (or at least a couple command examples)?

Hopefully this next one isn't just me (I've seen several threads in relation but no direct answers). I want to play around with some more of the advanced features of glacticraft but i've ran into a couple of issues (listed below):

1. The lander stalls in space or decelerates significantly too soon. Sometimes they stop all together.

2. The oxygen systems seems flat out broken. Both on a local game and on my server. placing an oxygen collector requires a ridiculous number of trees in the area and even when it's at 100% it still is unable to transfer oxygen to the "oxygen bubble distributor". The oxygen compressor seems to work.

I have a few other questions I'm rifling with but This is already going to be a scary wall of text, so I'll leave it at that.

Thanks in advance for any guidance.


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From what I know, there is no quick way to get rid of sludge/sewage, it is also very annoying to have in quarries.

That's the only question I can really answer at this point, sorry. I will update if I find out more.

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