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Some General 'Voltz' Related questions.

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So I started a small voltz servers and I'm running into some odd bugs, maybe someone can help me with a few solutions.

Currently running 1.0.11

Essentials v. 2.10.1

"Tab List" Does not work

Give command does not work

/spawn [player] command does not work


Not totally sure what plugin and what version to use. I had PEX installed and, unless you were an Operator, you could not move, talk ect. It was blocking permissions from worldguard and worldedit, which should not have been needed.


Does factions protect Voltz items? I don't see why it would unless it prevents block breaking all together like worldguard.

If you can be of some help, please reply or add me on skype


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If you happen to be using Bukkit Forge I would suggest using MCPC+ all you have to do is go to the voltz mainpage and download it under server tools after finding the latest version for the minecraft version you are playing in (1.4.7 for Voltz). If you can't find it let me know and I will post a link.

I had the same problems and upon switching, I can use Invsee the random spawning of essentials got fixed, and I have yet to run into any problems with other plugins. Just replace your current Voltz.jar in your server files, and remove Bukkit Forge (if you happen to be using that particular bukkit port) from your coremods.

The integration problem has nothing to do with voltz, since all it is, is a modded Minecraft pack. The problem arises with the port for bukkit, and Bukkit Forge has alot of issues when it comes to certain plugins, as it is a work in progress.

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