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Help with the build craft conductive pipes


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Conduits may be more expensive than pipes, but as mentioned they're much better (conductivepipes can only handle up to about 25MJ/t before overloading),

and if you cant afford to make loads of conduits, you might wanna re-plan your machines and wiring schematics ^.^

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I don't know about stone conductive pipes, but golden ones are suppose to be able to transport up to 10,000 MJ/t; so long as you don't have loops there should be no problem with overloading.

As far as efficiency is concerned: golden pipes lose .5% per block whereas conduits lose a flat 5%, therefore it's safe to say that if your power has to travel <10 blocks conductive pipes are the way to go, but if your energy has to go >10 conduits are better (and if distance = 10 obviously it doesn't matter either way). Of course, all of this assumes that cost of materials is a nonfactor.

As for the OP, you might try updating to 1.0.6, it has a number of BC3 fixes.

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The loss for tesseracts and conduits are adjustable as well if the loss is too much. We turned the loss factors down on our server to encourage people to use the conduits/tesseracts as opposed to the pipes as they are much better on the server than the pipes.

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