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I am not sure if you have all the admin that you either want or need for your server, however if you do not and would like someone with prior BigDig MCPC+ Server experience as well as Worldedit experience than I am willing to toss my name into the ring. I have run a small server for some friends of mine as well but do not have a machine solely dedicated to running a server so I figured I would see what was available on here.

If you would like to chat first or have any questions I do have skype available to do that with.

My MC tag is: Ogden2412

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Alright, that was a minecraft issue, fixed it.

It's actually a good server! IT'S A STABLE BIGDIG SERVER YAY!

THe only problem is that spawn got greifed and the admins arent fixing it manually, they are just rolling the server back ):

They also banned Mystcraft stuff and Dimensional doors dont work.

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