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[Voltz 1.1.4]Moderncraftpvp[PvP][30 slots][No Whitelist][Now 1.1.4][Quick Start]


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IP: play.moderncraftpvp.com or s31.hosthorde.com:25577


*NO being disrespectful to staff

*NO Blowing up spawn

*NO hacking/duping

*NO Infinite batteries if found(Will be banned)

*NO blaming admins for your mistakes, i can see who did it

*Have Fun!!!!!


*Armbot (Because of duping)

*Nothing else yet :)



Give thanks to Huntersnake for making this picture.


I made this server because my favorite Voltz server closed down and i wanted to let the other people that liked that server to come on mine and people that have never been on that server to have fun and enjoy my server. We guarantee a quick and fun start with our starter kit and professional staff that are very nice to our players. We fix problems as fast as we can when you report them so you will have a better experience on our server. Also, don't forget to claim your base with factions!


We guarantee 97%-100% (We have been at 100% before)

so that you don't have to waste a perfectly good day checking if the server is up, enjoy your time on our server, have fun!

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Is this server anti grief (as in no using grenades to break open other peoples chests or using antimatter missiles to destory their week's worth of work)?

antimatter is restricted to donors due to spawn going KA-BOOM, i may remove that restriction. And grenades are enabled! so are missles! factions stops people from opening your chests, not from being blown up. we have a starter kit for people that get greifed or are new to the server(Its free!) so i think you will enjoy my server. so this is kinda an anti-greif server

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I'm a server builder and I pretty much hop from server to server looking for ones that need help. I make adventure maps and the such and am incredibly experienced with redstone. if you need a builder for arenas/gametypes or just aesthetics/spawn buildings. send me a message or talk to me on the server.

*sorry my IGN is openlattesteve

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