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Automated resin harvesting?

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I don't think you can without forestry. But with automated rubber tree farming you can just leave it in a chunk loader and get tons of rubber tree logs and extract those.

Another option is to plant a ton of trees next to each other. With treecapitator you can chop them all down at once and get a couple stacks of wood.

A third option is to make resin from UU matter. It's expensive, but if you have tons of scrap and power laying around then why not?

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Well, ive been having trouble with this too...

I made a 3x3 dirt panel, with an harvester and a planter. This Worked pretty well to start with, but as the system went going it didnt get enough rubber tree saplings back for some reason. There were no overflow, i used an AE storagesystem with export busses and imports..

As far as i am now ingame i use UU-matter to produce it, but it would have been more nicely to have an automated process for it!

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yeah, thats the way i did with rubber trees.

But rubber trees have a lower percent change to drop saplings relative to normal wood.

Thats why my farm ran out of saplings :)

Weird, never happened to me. You should always get 1-2 saps from rubber trees, don't think their chance of dropping saplings is (much) lower.

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Using the Planter, Fertilizer and Harvester [Emerald Upgrade in all three, made a 25x25 area] as well as an auto animal farm producing sewage which in turn made fertilizer,I had a huge farm collecting the wood/resin/saplings. I made the area they were planting in checkerboard, so one stone, one grass, one stone, one grass and so on...

The wood and reson would be imported into an ME System which then send the wood and rubber to be extracted and the rubber stored in Deep Storage Units. The saplings would either go back into the planter or stored in the ME System.

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