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Help With Mods (forgive me; I'm New!)


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Hi! I looked around and I can't quite find this info anywhere.

I have played MC for a while, and I am quite new to tekkit, but would really like to try it. There are two mods that I find very appealing, but are not in Tekkit as is.

I think Industrial Craft is cool;


As well as MineChem 2:


I understand that MineChem is for MC 1.4.6- I have not the slightest clue on how to get it working. IndustralCraft I am sure I could figue out how to work on regular MC, but not sure about how to mod tekkit with stuff like this.

My goal is to get both of these mods that I want working on any version of Tekkit. Any suggestions?


-Dean (SciHide)

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There's actually a 1.5.1 version of MineChem that you can get here. As for IC2, there's a dev build for 1.5.1 floating around, a link for which I believe can be found in the comments of this page. Just copy the two downloaded files into the 'mods' folder on your \tekkitmain folder and they should install and run properly. I haven't tested either of these mods, so I can't be sure though.

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