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How do I start?


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Hi, forgive me if I'm asking a stupid question, but I cannot find any tutorials on how to begin. I used to play Tekkit lite but this is completely different and me and my friend got no idea on where to begin. Thanks!

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A bit of shameless self promotion never hurts lol.

Im doing a lets play with the pack. I am by no means a minecraft expert, but I try to share what I do know in my videos.

Thats episode 1 in the series. Im going to be shortening the episodes to around ten to fifteen minutes each so that I can upload daily. I hope it helps point you in the right direction.

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Start with:

Where to build a 'base';

What is your goal mid-game? Space base? Quarry/huge factory?

If it's a space base, go for a small to medium powerplant with steam engines and maybe look at biofuel generators later.

Then use a redstone energy cell to capture the power and use redstone energy conduit for power transfer.

After that, use a quarry to mine, or just branch-mine for a lot of iron. Also you need some oil and a refinery to convert that into fuel.

If it's a quarry/huge factory, go for magmatic engines and use the nether as a lava source.

After this, make 3 landmarks and build a huge quarry. If you're epic you do this in the nether ;-)

In any case, use MFR (Mine Factory Reloaded) or Steve's Carts 2 for planting wheat for bread, or MFR's breeder for meat.

And whatever engines you use, try to figure out with rednet/gates (assembly table & laser's) how to only enable your engines when the redstone energy cell is not full.

This should get you going ;-)

After this, there is (stable) Mystcraft worlds (to quarry in), (Epic) Modular Power Suits, the End, Wither etc.

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