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Quarry How-to's


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Hello! I just had a question about quarries and making them work. Soo, without further ado... this is my setup:


If you guys could help me because it's not working. :/

I have coal in the steam engines, and the levers are on.

Details about system:

Windows Vista

Java 7 Update 21

Minecraft 1.5.2 if you need it\

Latest Tekkit, just downloaded it today.

I Don't think this is a bug, I just think it's the result of my own stupidity and my lack or knowledge on Tekkit

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Steam Engines need water. If you want water-less Steam Engines, use Stirling Engines instead.

Use water buckets for a manual solution, or Aqueous Accumulators for automatic water supplying. Just place one, put a water block next to it, and lead the water out the top with a waterproof pipe or liquiduct, towards the engines.

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Yes. You'll need the Stone or Cobblestone Waterproof Pipes.

Make sure there's at least 2 water blocks next to the Aqueous Accumulator, too.

And make sure the Levers next to the engines aren't on. If you haven't changed the Redstone Control setting, they will always run, unless supplied with a Redstone signal.

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